~Rogue Leechings, Residue~

photos/videos by Ryder Cooley & Corey Aldrich

In an existential effort to understand
her own parasitism, and to examine the possibility of a more synergistic lifestyle, artist Ryder Cooley embarked upon an exploration of bloodletting 
using her body as a canvas

~Live Leech Demonstration~

Photos by Corey Aldrich

Evil Expo Conference, New Jersey

~ Rogue Leechings, Residue ~

Leech bites can bleed for up to ten hours due to the hirudin anticoagulant, which the leech releases into the host. The bite marks linger in the shape of a Y, reflecting the
three mandibles of the leech mouth.
The bites swell into large itchy lumps
after feeding

Corey Aldrich is an artist, director, producer and experiential designer who works in the arts and cultural arenas, including music and fashion. His expertise is in designing environments that support story-based narratives. Deep research and materials / object sourcing are his typical approaches to accomplish this. Project partners of note include, but are by no means limited to, The Albany Symphony Orchestra, The Hyde Museum, The Alliance for the Creative Economy, the Ellen Sinopoli Dance Company and WMHT Public Television.  @coreyaldrich

Ryder Cooley is an inter-disciplinary artist, musician and performer based in Catskill, NY. 
rydercooley.com  | dustbowlfaeries.com