~ Hudson Eye Series ~ 

photos by Dina Shirin & Annette Bragas
video by Elise Passavant, sound by Lee Free 

 Leech House is a symbiotic transference ritual whereby the human parasite becomes guardian host to the hermaphroditic leech, inviting the leech to feast upon and cleanse her blood with hirudin venom and gender neutralizing verve

In these rituals/exchanges, the performer subverts her gender by opting to feed medicinal leeches with her blood, suggesting a departure from the conventional gender mandate to nurture the human infant/parasite

The leeches in this project are curious and shy, they only bite when the blood is warm and skin is pierced

Dina Shirin (photogrophy/performance) is a photographer from Riga, Latvia and has been living in New York since 1991. She spends her time working on portrait projects and is drawn to experimental, surrealist compositions. In her work, she explores unpredictable points of view, dreamlike layering of images and organic textures. Dina is a member of the CMC photography collective in New York and a contributor to the Paris-based group Foto Femme United. She's exhibited her photographs in group shows in Chelsea and Tribeca in New York.  @dinashirin

Annette Bragas (photo assistant/MUA) is a freelance Hair & Makeup Artist based in New York and London. She graduated from London College of Fashion and specializes in film, music, theater and beauty/fashion. annettebragasmua.com

Lee Free (sound, photography) is a drummer/composer from Brooklyn, NY who works in multiple genres and specializes in sound scores for video, live dance and animation. leefreemusic.com

Elise Passavant (videography) is a filmmaker, editor, photographer, VJ and video manipulator who straddles the underground music video/alternative art scenes and the mainstream media. Her video shorts have been showcased in international film festivals from Europe to Japan. She is based in Paris, France.  elisepassavant.com

Ryder Cooley is an inter-disciplinary artist, musician and performer based in Catskill NY  rydercooley.com  | dustbowlfaeries.com